Front Row Lecture Series

Taking a new view of vital signs

Jay Pandit, MD

Body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate have long been the first things measured in the clinic to assess the overall health of an individual. Deviations in each of these metrics are used to alert physicians, who contextualize them to arrive at a diagnosis. Now, with the explosion of wearable devices, each of these vital signs can be measured longitudinally outside the clinic to arrive at a better understanding of the unique physiology of each individual. In his Front Row lecture, Jay Pandit, MD, director of digital medicine at the Scripps Research Translational Institute and assistant professor of molecular medicine, discussed some of the promises and challenges of longitudinal vital sign data collection. Among other insights, he shared some novel use cases and provide an update on the ever-elusive goal of continuous, cuffless blood pressure measurement.

Presented: April 20, 2022

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