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The Science of Sight: An Eye-Opening Presentation on the Neuroscience of Vision: Hollis Cline, PhD, and Kirill Martemyanov, PhD

How can we, as a society, do a better job of creating new drugs for our most urgent global health challenges?

Our sense of sight is our window into the world. Advances in neuroscience are rapidly unlocking the secrets of vision and paving the way to new therapies for blindness and other vision disorders. In their Front Row lecture, Hollis Cline, PhD, and Kirill Martemyanov, PhD, co-chairs of the Department of Neuroscience at Scripps Research, present their cutting-edge vision research. Among other topics, they discuss recent findings on how molecules in the retina turn light into information, how visual sensations shape brain development and how deciphering the way our visual system works could lead to new avenues to detect, prevent and correct vision impairments.

Presented: February 18, 2021

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