Front Row Lecture Series

Frequently Asked Questions

We want your Front Row experience to be the best it can be. Let us answer your most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the webinars free?
Absolutely. Our lectures are designed to educate and inspire the wider community about the research that we do.

How do I attend the live talk?
Simply register in advance for the webinar that you’re interested in. Submit your name and email address in the registration form, after which you will see the Zoom link to join the webinar. The link will also be emailed to you in advance of the webinar.

What device do I need to watch the webinar?
The webinar can be joined from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device.

What is the format of the virtual lecture?
The webinar begins with a brief introduction from Scripps Research executive vice president Jamie Williamson, PhD. The featured researcher then presents highlights of their cutting-edge work on a given topic. After the talk there is a live audience Q&A, which will be moderated by Professor Williamson.

How long are the webinars?
The webinars are approximately 1 hour in duration. The initial introduction is around 10 minutes, followed by the research presentation for 35-40 minutes. The final 10-15 minutes is reserved for the live audience Q&A.

Which scientific topics are the webinars based on?
At Scripps Research we study a wide range of biomedical topics and disease areas. For the Front Row Lecture Series we highlight areas of research that are particularly exciting, as well as those that are continuously close to people’s hearts and minds; for example, cancer, addiction and infectious diseases, to name just a few, are covered in this latest season of the Front Row.

Is this an in-depth science talk? Will I understand it?
These webinars are aimed at engaging a wide audience that is curious and enthusiastic about biomedical science. We continue to make every effort to distill complex scientific topics and frame them in human terms.

How do I get the most out of my live stream experience?
To get a smooth live stream, ensure that you have a robust internet connection. Closing other applications on your device also helps improve streaming. The presentation will be the clearest in full-screen view and the audio may be improved by plugging in headphones. We encourage our viewers to engage during the live events by commenting in the chat window.

What if I have technical issues during the webinar?
If you have any technical issues during the live stream, we initially recommend closing and re-opening the stream via the link provided. If problems persist, you can email us at to explain the issue. The Scripps Research team monitors this mail during live events and our technicians can quickly respond to resolve the issue.

How can I ask the presenter questions?
During the presentation, you can open the Q&A window from the icon at the bottom of the screen and type your question. Once submitted, your question will be collected along with the other attendee questions and a selection of them will be asked by our moderator at the end of the presentation.

What if my question doesn’t get answered? And what if I have follow-up questions?
We appreciate having curious, engaged viewers. If we can’t reach your question in time, we encourage you to send your question to, where we will make every effort to respond with the answer.

If I can’t watch it live, will the webinar be available afterward?
Indeed. Shortly after the live event, we upload the video of the webinar to our Scripps Research YouTube channel. If you registered for the webinar but couldn’t watch it, you will receive a follow-up email with a link to the recorded video.

How do I find out about future webinars?
All of our upcoming virtual lectures can be explored here on the website. Future webinars will also be publicized on our social media channels. If you registered for one of our previous webinars, the follow-up email will contain additional information about the next virtual event.