Front Row Lecture Series

Reinventing the Biomedical Research Institute

A new vision for turning scientific discoveries into life-changing therapies

Our understanding of human disease at the molecular level has grown enormously in the past 25 years, yet we still face major challenges in finding effective treatments and cures for many diseases that impact public health and the quality of life. How can biomedical research institutes bridge this gap and speed the development of innovative new medicines?

In the first lecture of the new Front Row Lecture Series, Peter Schultz, PhD, a pioneering chemist and the president and CEO of Scripps Research, addressed these questions and shared his vision for transforming biomedical research. From his unique position, Dr. Schultz has brought together scientists from diverse backgrounds to build a new model at Scripps Research to tackle this challenge. He shared with attendees the impact that this effort is starting to have on degenerative diseases of aging, cancer, inflammatory diseases and childhood and neglected diseases, and how this model can change the way nonprofit research institutes work with the commercial sector to develop new medicines.

Presented: May 31, 2018